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Recommended Mac Energy-Saving Settings

macOS does not support network connections when the Mac goes to sleep. Here are the recommended settings to prevent disconnections from your Jellyfish.

Have you noticed that when you wake your Mac, you get a message that your Jellyfish shares unmounted unexpectedly? When a Mac goes to sleep, it drops most network connections. As a consequence, your Mac will disconnect from the Jellyfish whenever it goes to sleep.

You can avoid this by changing the Energy Saver preferences to prevent sleeping. Here are the steps:

Go to macOS System Preferences and click on Energy Saver.




Drag "Turn display off after" to "Never." Check "Prevent computer from sleeping automatically when the display is off."


That's it! If you prefer to utilize the Mac sleep function, we recommended that you unmount your shares whenever you will be away from your computer for a significant amount of time.

Note: If you have the settings set correctly, occasionally the change will not be in effect due to an error in macOS. In this scenario, simply disabling prevent sleep and then re-enabling it will resolve the issue.