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Set up your network for DaVinci Resolve Collaboration

Follow these guidelines to setup your OWC Jellyfish for Davinci Resolve Collaboration.

Please note: Putting the database and the internet on the same switch and cabling may lead to DaVinci being less responsive in collaboration mode.

Please also note: All workstations need to be on the same version of Resolve.

In order for everyone to access the database on the OWC Jellyfish in collaboration mode, you need to be on the same netmask. That means that all computers need to access the OWC Jellyfish through the same port. We recommend our customers to have a direct connection for media / data to a 10G port, and a second connection to a switch that is connected to a different port of the OWC Jellyfish.

For the switch connection, let's say you are connecting the switch to port 10 of the OWC Jellyfish. This port has the following IP: You can read about the OWC Jellyfish's default port configuration here.

Then you will connect the Resolve client machines to the switch and set them up to have IP addresses for the interface that is going to the switch with IP addresses in the same netmask but a different ID for each computer, that is also different from the server ID (250). Here is our suggestion

Computer 1:

Computer 2:

Computer 3:

Computer 4:

And so on...

The database on the server-side is an on and off switch. You can do it very quickly in OWC Jellyfish Manager. Simply go to Advanced and you will see a Resolve Database toggle that you just need to switch on.

For more information on the Resolve side of things, please check out this article our friend Robbie Carman from Mixing Light wrote.

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