OWC Jellyfish

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OWC Jellyfish Manager

How to navigate the OWC Jellyfish Manager?

What does each page on OWC Jellyfish Manager do?

  1. Select [Annotation_2019-08-20_144638_2_cooxwn][Annotation Icon] and it will present you with five options…
    1. Dashboard - This displays the overall health, status, and available storage of the OWC Jellyfish.
    2. Shares - You can create or edit SMB/NFS shares, and assign permissions to users and groups here.
    3. Users & Groups - You can create or edit users and groups here.
    4. Networks - Displays and allows editing of network information such as: the IP address of each port, enabling DHCP, and creating a network bond.
    5. Advanced - Displays more advanced information, and provides tools to connect to different third party products, like Iconik. You can also shutdown the OWC Jellyfish from this page.
  2. To navigate back to the Dashboard at any time, select [jellyfish_navbar_logo_a1m35t][Jellyfish Icon]