OWC Jellyfish

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Setup and Installation

Default Port Configuration

Every OWC Jellyfish comes with pre-configured IP addresses for each port. You may need to know these if, for example, you are connecting to a Windows workstation.

Except for OWC Jellyfish Rack, we count the ethernet ports starting from left to right and then top to bottom. The first 2 ports are located on the motherboard and all of the rest are located on additional network cards. Note that the single ethernet port on the motherboard close to the USB ports does not participate in this count as this is for diagnostic use only (IPMI).


All ports are by default configured with static IP addresses as it follows:

Port 1 -

Port 2 -

Port 3 -

Port 4 -

Port 5 -

Port 6 -

Port 7 -

Port 8 -

Port 9 -

Port 10 -

Port 11 -

Port 12 -

Port 13 -

Port 14 -

Port 15 -

Port 16 -

The subnet mask is by default.