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Update Your Jellyfish Manager

Keeping up to date with Jellyfish Manager can help you make the most of your Jellyfish.

When there is a new version of Jellyfish Manager, follow these steps to download and upgrade your Jellyfish. (Note that this upgrade should not interrupt a client's ability to work.)

  • Download the latest version of Jellyfish Manager. (Ask our team to send you that version. Note that in order to qualify for full feature set, you will need to have a current Support Plan.)
  • Log into Jellyfish Manager
    1. Navigate to the Advanced > About > Update History > Update
    2. Select the downloaded .run file
    3. Jellyfish Manager will begin the update, and should be done after a few minutes. Currently, there is no clear indication that the update is successful nor does it let you know on the page.
    4. Refresh the page after a minute or two. The new version number will be reflected in Update History when the update is complete.