How to add, update, and remove an NFS share?

Creating an NFS Share:

  1. Navigate to Shares.
  2. Click on the + icon under the NFS panel.
  3. Enter NFS settings.
    1. Name - Name the new NFS share.
    2. Quota - Enable if you want a set amount of reserved space for the share.
  4. Click to save the settings of the share.

Updating an NFS Share:

Before updating a share ensure that anyone who has the share mounted unmounts.

  1. Navigate to Shares.
  2. Select the share that you want to update.
  3. Update the desired settings.
  4. Click to save the changes.

Deleting an NFS Share:

Before deleting a share ensure that anyone who has the share mounted unmounts. Also deleting a share will delete the corresponding data, so make sure a backup exists if you still wish to have access to the data.

  1. Navigate to Shares
  2. Select the share for deletion.
  3. Selectand enter the admin password.
  4. Select Yes.

Please note that deleting a share will delete all of the data that exists on this share.