Configure Iconik on your Jellyfish

You can setup Iconik on your Jellyfish using Jellyfish Manager.

  1. Ensure that the Jellyfish has an internet connection.
  2. Access Jellyfish Manager by navigating to 'jellyfish/' in your web browser, or by clicking on Jellyfish Manager from Jellyfish Connect's Resources panel.
  3. Navigate to Advanced -> Iconik.
  4. Install the Iconik service if not already done so.
  5. Log into your Iconik account
  6. Create a storage item by clicking on the '+' icon.1-3
    1. Create a name and select the directory you want Iconik to scan and transcode files from.
    2. The storage item that is created uses default settings that work in most cases but if you require specific storage settings, please visit your Iconik account and change it there.
      1. Select Admin in the top left
      2. Select Storages from the left toolbar and then the created storage, in this case it is JellyfishStorage.
  7. After a storage item is created, select it so that it can be used and begin the transcoding process.
  8. Once completed the Iconik service should begin the transcoding and upload process. After a while you should see your files in your Iconik library.
  9. Additional Settings
    1. Transcode - How many files get transcoded to the Iconik storage at one time. This option will impact performance on the Jellyfish so if many users are connected to it and working.
      1. Mobile - Default: 2
      2. Tower/Rack - Default: 4
    2. Upload/Download - Default: 4
    3. Service - At any point if you need to disable or restart the Iconik service, toggle the Service option to do so.