Active Directory: Connecting With Jellyfish Manager

How to Connect An Active Directory Domain Using Jellyfish Manager

How to connect to the Active Directory domain via Jellyfish Manager:

  1. Before proceeding, make sure that you know the Active Directory domain, as well as the domain username and password you will be connecting with.
  2. Navigate to Advanced => Directory Services => Setup
    1. Name: The AD domain name
    2. Account Name: The AD username
    3. Domain Account Password: The AD password for the AD user
    4. Prefix: If there is a single sub domain, then the field will automatically be filled out. If there are multiple sub domians, you must pick the one you want to use from the list.Capture-Oct-23-2020-05-19-21-35-PM
  3. Save. Now the Jellyfish is connected to the Active Directory domain!

Differences in share permissions:

While connected to an Active Directory domain, the permissions for each share are flattened. This means that any user or group added to a share will have their respective read/write access set for each subdirectory of the share. You will no longer be able to set user and group permissions per directory.